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An overview of the health situation of youth today is provided in this Program, which also explores the serious Health Challenges this vulnerable group is facing within the context of local and global developments. Socio-economic, cultural, educational and other factors affecting young people’s health are examined, and reference is made to particular issues and areas of concern.

Emphasis is given to the importance of involving young people in identifying problems and developing solutions to ensure that programs, policies and health services address their needs. There is a forum for health discussions both on-line and off-line under this program of ISERH.

According to World Youth Report, 2003/page 99 under the heading – Youth and Health Issues:
   ‘Bad habits and poor hygiene, persistent behavioral risks, poor basic sanitation, and new and emerging diseases are contributing to a deadly mix that is changing the classic picture of healthy youth. Despite the obvious international epidemiological demographic shifts and certain policy improvements, the state of program delivery and research in the field of adolescent and youth health is scarcely adequate to make the world “fit for children” as foreseen by the twenty-seventh special session of the General Assembly on Children in 2002. Many young people bear the burden of poor health owing to the effects of accidents and injuries including those caused by insecurity, war and occupation. In all countries, whether developing, transitional or developed, disabilities and acute and chronic illnesses are often induced or compounded by economic hardship, unemployment, sanctions, embargoes, poverty or poorly distributed wealth. The cumulative toll of violence, HIV/AIDS and now tuberculosis on youth is adding to the already heavy price still being paid by child victims of malaria and vaccine-preventable diseases. ’

In spite of the above, ISERH has designed comprehensive Health Schemes and Interventions for Youth in which they can have access to Health Counseling, HIV Counseling and Testing, Tuberculosis and Malaria Diagnosis and Treatment, Health talks etc. Through these interventions, they can meet our Volunteer Doctors who fix appointment with them, guide and counsel them either through Congregational Health Talks and/or Awareness Creation. We provide both On-line and Off-line Counseling on any Health Related Issue/Topic.


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