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It was like a Biblical camel that could find it easier to enter the eyes of the needle than for the rich to access the Kingdom of God. Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health received 1,424 applications from African countries for her Undergraduate Studies Class 6. About 452 were admitted for the free 5-month course class that commenced in January 2nd 2021.

At the beginning, it looked like usual classes that abound the internet. By the time the heat generated by the class' rules, assignments submission/attendance, facebook engagement, in-class contributions got to a certain level, many soberly clicked exit button while others kept struggling to excel with their last breath.

The number of Scholars of the Class that made it to the 5th month got significantly dropped below 300. The implementation of capstone project further reduced them to 71 that finally excelled and became ISERH Associate Ambassadors on Sunday, June 6th, 2021.

These warriors got successful in making sure they won the race. They are superheroes who faced adversities and conquered them. Despite the challenges of power outage and distorted internet services in Africa, these refined entities conquered failure and emerged as the new set of African Hopes. Through their capstone projects, they were able to impact 2,351 persons across Africa, on what they've been taught in the course.

As we celebrate these amazing 71 for excelling, we appreciate and celebrate our 16 global icons that facilitated the core courses and our 13 awesome Associate Ambassadors that joined in facilitating elective courses for the period of 6 months.

We are convinced that these 71 IAAs are now better equipped in corporate, social, entrepreneurial, and relationship skills than they were, 5 months ago. We have launched them to the world and we have seen their zeal towards making Africa stand equal with the rest of the world. We believe that they have started working towards projecting the beauty, strength and resilience of Africa to the rest of the world. Africa is no longer a zoo to us and these 71 IAAs, but the earthly paradise that powers the beauty, strength and civility of the universe.

The management appreciates the brains behind her virtual (zoom) graduation/induction ceremony, the Moderator, the volunteered ISERH Associate Ambassadors that were in charge of attendance recording. We specifically appreciate IAA Michael Olanrewaju, a graduate of Kwara State University, and the Personal Assistant to our Chief Servant for his relentless and consistent supports.

From all of us at ISERH, we are better energized and strengthened to do far better than we have been doing in the past. Application for the Class 7 of ISERH Undergraduate Studies commences immediately and it is opened to African Undergraduates and Graduates across the continent. You may log on to https://ius.iserh.org/register.php to submit your application.

For all of us at ISERH, prosperity of Africa through the youth is our core mandate.


Luqman Alawode,
Director of Studies

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Tuesday 30-Nov-2021, 11:01AM
Comment: I need an assistance of employment..
Name: Edidiong Udo Akpan
Friday 11-Jun-2021, 3:45PM
Comment: Congratulations and Best Wishes to all ISERH Associate Ambassadors of class 6. May God continue to bless ISERH!.
Name: Ekhase Osarumen Ruth
Friday 11-Jun-2021, 7:15AM
Comment: I feel blessed to be among the few that made it to the final stage, I will forever be grateful to God for life and to my friend IAA Olufemi Sayo for introducing me to ISERH... I am indeed a better person not only to myself and immediate family but to Nigeria and Africa at large. Applying for ISERH and making it to the graduation list has raised my confidence to power 💯 . God bless Africa, God bless Nigeria, God bless ISERH🙏🙏🙏🙏.