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Being VOCAL in life, especially when channeled towards issues that concern the led, makes one popular and admired, but being IMPACT-DRIVEN commands more honour, respect, popularity and even writes one's name in the book of history.

Former Emir Sanusi is a man who enjoys a lot of supports due to his level of outspokenness, bravery, audacity, and eloquence. He might have been removed as an Emir but one thing that can never be taken away from him is the popularity and people-oriented speeches he has to his credit.

His removal wouldn't be a shock to those following the activities that led to his enthronement and his feud with the political powers and elites of the North (not only Ganduje). Gov. Ganduje was used, as the only man with the sword, to slice Sanusi's honour, power, and respect.

A critical look at all events would make one realize that neither of the 2 parties (Former Emir Sanusi and Ganduje-led Northern political powers/elites) is a saint. Sanusi talks good and says what we (few Northerners and all Southerners) want to hear about acknowledging the presence of some challenges that few powerful people colour and deny. Also, looking at how he became an Emir, coupled with the rift between the past Governor that made him an Emir and the present Governor, with his politically and 'individual-targeting' speeches and his release of over-hype statistics (atimes), his removal wouldn't be a surprise to many of us who are studying him and what might become of him.


Yes!!! Former Emir Sanusi should be of the know that one thing Northern Political Powers/Elites don't joke with is a talk, speech or mobilization that could deny them access to power or being a lord over their subjects. The recent releases, talks, and speeches of Emir Sanusi were being seen as anti-Northerners by Elites (who control majority of their people with tokens they give them) rather than a call to do the needful that could liberate the Northern populace. He was being seen as someone who is waking up the Southerners at the expense of the Northern Powers/Elites that be.

How I wished Emir Sanusi borrowed a leaf from an Oba (King) like Ooni of Ife. Ooni sees a lot of displeasing political and social moves of Osun Government but he chose the better approach.

How I wished he made use of his influence, power, wealth, and reach to kickstart a change around issues he is displeased with.

How I wished he had set up schools that enrolled the Almajiri children as a challenge to the Northern Elites

How I wished he mobilized funds, expertise, and seminars/trainings to empower vast majority of Kano youth.

If he had done few of the listed above, Governor Ganduje and his cohort of Northern political powers/elites would find it difficult to excuse him from the throne. His people would have stood to face any of such internal or external forces that wanted to confront his emirship. Oba Akanbi Telu I, Oluwo of Iwo, is an example of a king that enjoys such. Despite his alleged atrocities, majority of Iwo people see him as someone who is defending them and they don't mind whichever methods he adopted in doing so.

Although, I could have been happy if his removal never has an undertone of banishment and restrictions of movement. That would have been a case of 'a ram that takes few steps backward...', those who relieved him of the throne would have been mercilessly dealt with. But as it is, I am sad. I can still regain my optimism if the former Emir Sanusi can keep, not only, SPEAKING but DOING at the same time.

Emir Sanusi could have been relevant and emerge best if his ascension to throne was pre-Colonial. But at this era, he could only perform better in governance or corporate world than in emirship with this style of his. I hope he had thought of these lines before picking up the mantle.

For the young ones like myself, there is a time for advocacy, activism, and implementation. If you engage in activism when people really want to see you taking the lead in doing what you are canvassing for, you'll lose your grip easily. I hope Oshiomole would also learn from this. Leadership and Activism aren't the same.

Activism is better used before one becomes a Leader. The moment one leads, the activism is within you in making sure people-oriented thought takes supremacy over personal-benefit thoughts.

I wish our beloved Former Emir Sanusi the best of the rest of his years on the surface of the earth. He should always remember the lessons of life that - 'In addressing global or local issues, TALKINGS can only INFORM, while DOING gets the ISSUES CHECKED.

©️ Abayomi Abdulraheem
Chief Servant, ISERH

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