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I was at work upper week when my phone rang. I picked the call and it happened to be one of my respected babas (fathers) from Nigeria. I was about asking him how home was (Nigeria) when he informed me that he was in UK and would be landing in New York City by the following week. He requested we meet to discuss, by the time he lands in New York. I was more than happy to receive such a call and was getting set to meet him.

The last time we met was January 2017 when I went to hand him the documents of a young man that he promised to help sponsor his university's education, and it was a day to my leaving Nigeria for my first US trip. He is one of those who do support me with words of encouragement, advice and sometimes help me sponsor few students that need support. One thing I never asked this awesome man is a financial support for myself or family members.

Back to the phone call. He asked me when I would be rounding up to go back home (Nigeria) to my wife, daughters and family. I gave him a proposed date and the next thing he said was that I should make sure I work on it. He then recounted his decision 32 years ago when he was about leaving UK for Nigeria.

"Abayomi, 32 years ago when I wanted to leave UK for Nigeria, my friends tried every means to discourage me. Nigeria was perceived to be as bad as you guys take it to be today. But I made up my mind. Fast forward to today (2020), same friends who stayed/stay back in the UK then, wish they had taken same step I took that time. They still engage in 2 to 3 jobs to survive, as we used to do back then. They do complain about back ache and neck pains whenever I visit them while on vacation to the UK. But here I am!" - He said.

Here is a man who has a school and other investments that smoothly run with or without him being in Nigeria. He goes on vacations to UK, US, SA, etc as he wishes. Majority of his friends had/have never gone on vacation outside the UK. 

Why did he tell me this? He did because: the future is for those who can dare uncertainty by leaving certainty. Sooner or later, certainty would become a pain while uncertainty becomes a pleasure.

At the end of our conversation, I knew God had sent me another message as He usually Does, through older people I keep as friends (Babas). Although, we were unable to meet when he came over because he misplaced his phone while my own schedule was too rigid that week, but we still had our discussions when he landed back in the UK.


1. Who are the people around you? What do you ask from them? Are you always in the company of older experienced people or in the company of those who see you as the most vast, the champion and/or a superior?

2. No matter the age difference between you and your potential contacts, kindly bridge the gap. Also note that asking for financial help can not relieve you, ask them to share you their experiences and through that, you shall be self-sufficient.

3. Be open to everyone irrespective of their belief. This man is a Christian, I am a Muslim, and the boy he helped me sponsor his university's education is a Christian. Religion isn't a criteria for God's decision on who your helpers shall be.

4. Finally, you need to take that step that scares you today. Majority are meant to discourage you but only few minority are here to push you for the good. Stand up and take the bull by the horn. 

NOTE: Another 32 years will soon be around the corner for you and I, provided we are alive, what would be our story by then?

Have a blessed week...

©️ Abdulahi Abayomi Abdulraheem,
Chief Servant, ISERH

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