ABC Objectives

The Objectives of Aspiring the Best Competition...a competition set up by ISERH to select the beneficiary of her SSCE/UTME Scholarship.

(1) The main objective of this competition is to engage the out-of-school youths, who had sat for either the government sponsored WAEC or any Examination but failed while their parents could not finance them to obtain another form and they are left roaming about the streets doing nothing.

(2) To expose the In-school Youth to an External Examination and Experience prior to their seating for Senior Secondary School Examination. Research has shown that most of the students seating for SSCE fail because they are not exposed to External Examination prior to sitting for SSCE. This shall prevent them from making the same mistake the failed out-of-school youths make.

(3) This competition is also designed to enhance and rekindle the interest of in- and out-of-school youth in education. Being an all-inclusive competition that afford every youth/student the opportunity to compete shall and has awaken the youth/students from their slumber. They all now wish to win.

(4) Also, this competition is designed to let youth see hope in EDUCATION and believe that they could be great through EDUCATION rather than focusing on over promoted ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.

(5) It is also design to promote EDUCATION, reward HARDWORKING and celebrate EXCELLENCE among YOUTHS.