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It is a bold and an unchallenged fact that there is no Nongovernmental Organization in Nigeria that has recorded a huge success made by theInitiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health (ISERH) in providing oversight functions on Npower Programme since it commenced. Apart from the fact that this organization registered lots of unemployed youths for the program for free, it has as well provided and still provides quality information and public enlightenment to the stakeholders on Npower Program. It is no longer a gain saying that this organization pushed for the extension of Npower Application Closing Date and also set up an Npower Assessment Helpline ( immediately online Npower Assessment Tests commenced. Thousands of Npower Applicants have benefitted and are still benefiting from this great opportunity created independent of Npower by this youth-led NGO. Calls, text messages, whatsapp messages, emails etc are received every minute towards addressing a challenge or the other confronting Npower Applicants/Volunteers nationwide.

In the same light, this organization which has its base in Osun State played/plays giant roles in monitoring the implementation of the program in the state. ISERH Team led by young Mr. Abdulahi Abayomi Abdulraheem was in SUBEB Office, Osogbo in Osun State on Thursday Dec. 8, 2016 to provide them with basic information on Npower Program and sought for their collaboration in making the best use of the program to strengthen the educational system of the state. A meeting previously scheduled with Alh. Fatai Kolawole, PS SUBEB Osun was later held with Mrs. Ajibade Esther Oluyemi, the Director of Schools Establishment, SUBEB Osun and Mr. Arikewuyo, SUBEB Desk Officer, at the excuse of the PS.


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At the meeting that lasted for close to 2 hours where issues on primary purpose of Npower, beneficiaries rights, expectations from Npower Volunteers, monthly stipend/allowance, placement of Npower Volunteers into their place of primary assignment, inter-local governments’ transfer/deployment etc were adequately and successfully discussed, while records were set straight. The listening SUBEB personnel were amazingly appreciative of the Team’s efforts and sought for more collaborative efforts and partnership in progress. The concerned PS put a call through in the evening to appreciate the Team’s efforts and informed them of the development on Npower Physical Verification Exercise that was slated to take place on Saturday 17th December, 2016 and therefore sought for their broadcasting it on their social media.

The Osun State focal person for Npower was never made known by Npower, the same way they did with other states, but amazingly, the rare responsible focal person created a WhatsApp Group where all the Npower Volunteers within the state are expected to join as members. From the group, our team got the contact of Hon. Idiat Babalola, the Osun State focal person for Npower. A call was put through to her by the ISERH Team Leader – Mr. Abdulahi Abayomi Abdulraheem consequent upon some complaints sent to the team. Surprisingly, this humble Honourable called the Team Leader back severally as network was disrupting their phone conversations. She made a touching statement at the end of their phone conversation:

‘My brother, I am very particular and interested in the completion of this verification exercise so that the Volunteers in Osun State would be able to collect their December stipend/allowance’.

Although, the team is yet to meet Hon. Idiat Babalola one-on-one as she was really willing to meet them but had to excuse herself to attend an urgent meeting in Abuja as regards Npower Programme. Osun State successfully conducted Npower Physical Verification Exercise within two days, a weekend (Sat. 10th Dec., 2016) and a public holiday (Monday 12th Dec., 2016) and even gave a three-day extension of verification exercise to those who unavoidably missed the exercise.

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This is an outstanding performance from Osun State Focal Person – Hon. Idiat Babalola; NOA – Osun; NYSC and Corps Members – Osun ; and every party that made it a success. It is important to stress that more than half of the Nation’s states are yet to conduct this Verification Exercise whilst multitude of Local Governments in darkness to knowing what Npower stands for and their responsibilities and duties to the Npower Volunteers posted to them.

ISERH Team has received several calls, text messages and mails from Npower Volunteers across the nation seeking to knowing when Npower Physical Verification Exercise would take place in their respective states which include the state capital, Abuja. Many even called to request the contacts of their state’s Focal Person.

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This piece shouldn’t be seen as a PRAISE-intended Article to Hon. Idiat Babalola, Osun State Focal Person but as an ENCOURAGEMENT to her and her team, and as well as a CHALLENGE to other states’ Focal Persons who are yet to do any meaningful job or make themselves known to their subjects.

If Hon. Idiat Babalola, the Osun State Focal Person, engages in any action or activity that is in contrast to the stated objectives of Npower, the public should be rest assured that the Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health (ISERHTeam shall extensively write about it and broadcast it to the world, the same way we have done for this article.

Congratulations to the Ten Thousand and Fourty (10,040) selected Npower Volunteers in Osun State.

Together, we shall make Nigeria a Great Nation…

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