Abdulahi Abayomi: My Sincere Gratitude

Thursday 21-Nov-2019, 3:18PM / 2547

Abdulahi Abayomi: My Sincere Gratitude

ALHAMDULILAH (All Praise be to GOD) Who created me, guide and guard me, made 7TH JULY 1985 my day of BIRTH, and makes me what I have become today...

Truly, I was born by an ‘uneducated’ parent who got determined to sponsor me to any length of education, after seeing my performances and readiness to become a Scholar, but THEY WERE FINANCIALLY CHALLENGED – This tells why I have so much INTEREST/PASSION in YOUNG PEOPLE’s EDUCATION.

I sincerely shed tears yesterday, NOT because I was unhappy but with the RATE AT WHICH PEOPLE CELEBRATED ME. Words are never enough to appreciate you all. I received Warmth Greetings across the World from those I had never met nor personally had a one-on-one chat or interactions with, and those I know.

Some people wrote POEMS while some came up with WRITE-UPs about my LIFE and my CONTRIBUTIONS to theirs. Mr. Jimoh Abdul spent about 5 hours on phone, encouraging me with HIS PERSONAL STORIES and all that he passed through before being GREAT IN LIFE – This happened to be the Best Birthday Gift I received yesterday.

I am qualified to being tagged/called an ‘ingrate’ if I fail to specifically mention and appreciate these Legal Entities that took their times to wish me on my birthday via Email, Facebook, WhatsApp etc and celebrated me yesterday: Enterprise Development Center (Pan-Atlantic University); Nigeria Network of NGOs (NNNGO); SSM 5 Members (Alumni of EDC); NASFAT Ilesa Branch; YALI RLC Cohort 3 Fellows (across West Africa); Alumni of Accountancy Department Federal Polytechnic Offa (AC/ND/F03/Fedpoffa); Honourable Members of ISERH WhatsApp Group; ABC Scholars’ Forum; ISERH Ambassadors; Ilesa Grammar School Old Students’ Association ‘03 Set (ILEGSOSA 03); NASFAT Youth Wing Ilesa (where I currently serve as Youth Secretary/AMEER); Board of Trustees, Advisory Board and Staff/Volunteers of Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health (ISERH); etc.

I say thank you to every wonderful people and great fora that changed their Display Picture (DP) on WhatsApp and/or Profile Picture (PP) on Facebook to my PICTURE – I must confess that you made me feel much more important than I really am.

I felt like a World President!!!

I have learnt lots of lessons from the Messages you all sent. The PEAK of the lessons I learnt is that ‘People watch every step each and everyone of us takes’.

In Shaa Allah (God willing), I shall continue doing what Almighty God has created me to do. I shall keep struggling to better the lives of the lots. I shall never cease promoting and seeking supports for every youth that comes my way to achieve his/her dream in life. I shall uphold my vision of Promoting a Violent-Free and Literate Community. I shall continue being a good Example to others. I shall never cease the struggle to become the ‘Global PRIDE’.

I appreciate my living lovely MUM and my late DAD - I believe the JOY I bring you these days are far more than the one you had the day I was born. I appreciate my ever-enduring SOULMATE and my wonderful little Queen (Abidallah). I appreciate all my Friends and Family, Mentors, Colleagues, Followers, ‘Fans’, Well-wishers, Individuals that have inputs in making me WHO I AM, and those who would have wished me but their SCHEDULE prevented them. THANKS A BILLION!

Here is my request to you all:

Kindly text/mail me ONE THING you wish I change for better in my life. (Send text or mail to: +2348060914152        or     abdulraheemabayomi@gmail.com)
I Love You All for LOVING ME.

Abdulahi Abayomi ABDULRAHEEM

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