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ISERH Associate Ambassadors (IAAs) in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria held their first ever on-site meeting on the 1st of February, 2020. This was a great development as it was organized and coordinated by the Ambassadors. The event which lasted for about two hours had in attendance, our Director of Studies - Mr Luqman Alawode  and six (6) Associate Ambassadors.

The Ambassadors, having gone through the free five (5) months compulsory course of ISERH Undegraduate Studies and belonging to any of the classes (1, 2 and 3) held so far, demonstrated a degree of knowledge and exhibited that the spirit of humanity embedded in them is awaken. It is however an understatement to say that the Ambassadors are now more knowledgeable about the essence of human existence, leadership, entrepreneurship, and peaceful coexistence.

During their meeting, the Ambassadors agreed to pilot a landmark project in the city of Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria, having observed that Government Secondary Schools and Orphanages Homes lack basic needs ranges from materials to adequate orientation and psychosocial supports. In a while, the city of Ibadan is going to feel the impact of these young minds under the umbrella of ISERH. 

Part of their lineup activities on the look out are: Formation of mini association under the  umbrella of ISERH - to promote peace in the city; Share of knowledge, skills and  information within members of the association; Giving back to the society through schools visitation, schools talks, visiting orphanage homes consistently and extending skill acquisition to the less privileged.

ISERH Director of Studies - Mr Luqman Alawode who delivered the keynote of the Executive Director - Mr Abdulahi Abayomi Abdulraheem, charged the Ambassadors to strengthen their relationships, leverage on their contacts, think beyond university's certificate or GP/Class of grades, respect individual religion, ethnicity and political ideology.

Present at the meeting were: 
1. IAA Hameedah Adedoyin Azeez, a Medicine and Surgery Student, University of Ibadan (Class 1 of IUS)
2. IAA Afeez Olalekan Abdulfatai, a Computer Science Education Graduate, National Open University Nigeria (Class 2 of IUS)
3. IAA Azeez Ridwan Opeyemi, a Surveying and Geoinformatics Graduate, The Polytechnic Ibadan (Class 2 of IUS)
4. IAA Ridwan Oluwatobiloba Omidirana Medicine and Surgery Student, University of Ibadan (Class 2 of IUS)
5. IAA Ayomide Miracle Ademola, a Nutrition and Dietetics Student, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (Class 3 of IUS)
6. IAA Bukola Victoria Oladeinde, a Biochemist, University of Ibadan (Class 2 of IUS)

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Name: Aminullahi Maryam Abolawa
Sunday 09-Feb-2020, 7:06AM
Comment: This is wonderful and mind blowing. It will really be of great benefit to the everyone.
Name: Babalola Samuel Majofodun
Saturday 08-Feb-2020, 11:38PM
Comment: This is amazing.
Name: James Akindele
Saturday 08-Feb-2020, 8:59PM
Comment: Character building is the bedrock of a settled future. Sky is never a limit..
Name: IAA
Saturday 08-Feb-2020, 8:39PM
Comment: This is impressive! I hope the rest of us can follow these example..