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In strengthening the relationship among ISERH Ambassadors of the same and different cohorts and as well as the Prospective Associate Ambassadors, Initiative for Sound Education Relationship & Health (ISERH) has launched Ambassadors Portal .  This portal provides a wide range of opportunities for the Ambassadors and the prospective Associate Ambassadors. The Ambassadors/Prospective Associate Ambassadors can see who among them is online and engage them in chats - whether they are online or offline.

The ISERH Ambassadors are the teenagers who have benefited ISERH sponsorship of their High/Senior School Certifficate Examinations (SSCE) and/or University Entrance Examinations (UTME). ISERH Associate Ambassadors are the graduates of ISERH Undergraduate Studies - through which Nigerian Undergraduates are trained on depression management, leadership development, social/corporate, relationship management, and entrepreneurial skills for the purpose of combating high prevalence of suicides among Nigerian undergraduates.

Another amazing feature of the portal is the Library Services icon. Under this icon are consistently updated downloadable books/articlesmotivational/academic videos and audios. They have direct access to apply for latest global and national scholarships, fellowships, internships and jobs under Opportunities Icon on the portal.

This platform also affords them the opportunity of seeking direct mentorship from highly resourced and profiled facilitators who are presently available on the portal. Ambassadors/Prospective Associate Ambassadors can view the list of both Ambassadors and Associate Ambassadors and as well exchange messages and create contacts. They can know when last each of their colleagues logged into the portal. They can as well schedule and hold online meetings via the portal.

According to the ICT Director of this organization, Engr. Kunle Olatunji, this platform will not only unite about 100 ISERH Ambassadors and the Prospective 250 Associate Ambassadors, but give them access to a community of heterogeneous people of varied academic, career, ethnic, religious and political backgrounds. It is a platform abounds with opportunities of mingling and building cordial relationship among Ambassadors/Prospective Associate Ambassadors of varied social and economic family backgrounds. ‘How I wish I am an ISERH Ambassador/Associate Ambassador!’ – exclaimed the ICT Director.

Consequently, ISERH congratulates all her Ambassadors/Prospective Associate Ambassadors, and enjoins them to maximally utilize the opportunities abound the portal and as well visit the portal religiously.


Aderanti Abimbola,

Programs Director


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