Solutions Journalism+

Solutions Journalism+ Training for Emerging Young Journalists, Content Creators and Non-Journalist Community

AbitoCitta (Media) Innovation Lab publisher of SuSa Africa and the Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health (ISERH) are excited to collaborate on a Solutions Journalism training program for non-journalist community members across the West African sub-region. This joint initiative aims to introduce participants to the principles of Solutions Journalism and empower them to apply these principles in their respective communities.

i. Introduce participants to the concept and principles of Solutions Journalism.
ii. Equip participants with practical skills to identify and report on constructive responses to social issues.
ii. Encourage participants to actively engage in problem mapping, solutions mapping, and media coverage snapshot exercises.
iv. Inspire participants to become advocates for constructive storytelling and positive change in their communities.
v. Equip participants with resources, tools and platforms that could assist them to become Solutions Journalists immediately after the course.
vi. Link participants with experienced SoJo reporters and platforms

Certificate of Completion
Participants who successfully complete all training sessions and submit the required deliverables will receive a Certificate of Completion jointly issued by AbitoCitta Innovation Lab and the Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health, acknowledging their participation and achievement in the Solutions Journalism training program.

Duration: The training program will be conducted over 5 Weeks.
Mode of Delivery: The training sessions will be conducted live virtually via Zoom, Telegram or Google Meet.
Language: The training will be conducted in English Language
Facilitators: Experienced trainers with expertise in Solutions Journalism and community engagement will lead the training sessions.