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It is my belief that "pessimists are not the worst set of people but optimists that chase shadow".

I have noticed with surprise that despite our population, age, education and exposure ours still look like uncivilized nation where anything goes. The recent massacre in Ile-Ife between Hausa and Yoruba is a pointer to our animalistic behaviour which describes us as barbarous, wild and uncivilized set of people.

It is quite unfortunate that consequent upon the unexpected riot, numbers of innocent persons who are neither party to the rancour nor Hausa/Yoruba tribe lost their lives. I am so surprised that there were different versions of stories that lead to this unexpected fight, personally I heard three different versions out of which after weighing carefully none of them is worth the lives of the deceased (May God forgive the departed souls).

Nigeria is my country and my generation is the so-called future of this nation but to my disappointment my age group are the majority of the people sighted at the scene of the unfortunate incident which got me thinking if this nation actually have something called FUTURE, no wonder the aged are afraid of handling over to us.

Shortly after the incident, there were number of posts on social media telling different stories and giving different advise, I was more than disappointed when I read some posts where our supposed leaders were only fighting and supporting their tribes instead of looking for a lasting solution to prevent future occurrence (wondering if that is the meaning of patriotism).

We are a set of optimists who are chasing nothing but shadow: we want a better Nigeria but we cannot work for it, we pray for unity but we cannot endure challenges, we hope for better tomorrow but we are making today worse. I can say it again and again that we are only educated but not civilized, we are well populated but not united, we are exposed but lack foresight. 

Dear Nigerians, can we at least see ourselves as one, irrespective of religion or tribe?

Can we make the good dream of our past heroes come true?

Can we bury our differences and work for the betterment of our dear nation?

Can we at least strive for a nation of our dream?


Heaven helps those who help themselves. The future of this nation is in our hands and so the ball is in our court. Let’s play it well.




ISERH Strategist

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Name: Kunle Abiola
Sunday 03-Mar-2019, 7:31PM
Comment: Amen. And you too Mr. Kunle Abiola.
Name: Kunle Abiola
Tuesday 20-Nov-2018, 6:39AM
Comment: This is deep, God bless you sir.