Roles Of Youths In Nation Building

Thursday 21-Nov-2019, 9:46AM / 3712

Most times, youth think they have no role to play in nation building. We tend to believe we are free thinkers and can do whatever pleases us. Whereas, it is the responsibility of our Leaders and Parents to build the nation we live in. They have destroyed and still destroying the nation we are born into. Why must it now be part of our responsibilities and roles to clean up the messes of the elderly?

Dear peers (youth), have we forgotten that we are the future? Yes, we are the leaders of tomorrow. The foundation of National Progress we build today would definitely work for us in the nearest future. If we do nothing today, our own progenies would say worse thing to us. Have we forgotten that we are the mothers and fathers of tomorrow’s youth?

We have to love our country and shun tribalism. Wherever anyone of us comes from, we are all one big family. We must make sure we are never part of those that would make the labours of our heroes be in vain. We must stand resolute never to allow them to let the labour of our heroes be in vain. We must be ready to contribute our quotas in building the nation through our active participation in cleaning up public places in order to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. This could aid government’s efforts in rolling back malaria and keeping all its populace safe and healthy.

In order to stop corruption that is one of the legacies of the day’s leaders and other vices that draw our nation backward, we have to make sure we kill it in this generation by practicing HONESTY.  We should learn to speak the truth, have the courage to speak out against evil, and help the appropriate authorities in getting hold of criminals. We should be wary of inheriting the ‘I’ syndrome of our present day’s Leaders and Parents. It is high time we emulated our Mentor: Mr. Abdulahi Abayomi Abdulraheem, who has sacrificed lots of things to building us for the future. He has taught us and encouraged us to always think ‘WE’.

In case you don’t know him, Mr. Abdulahi Abayomi Abdulraheem had to choose between his job and helping the youths early 2015. He chose to help the youth and thereby lost his job. Less than 2 years of making such decision, he has successfully, through public fund sourcing, sponsored the SSCE/UTME of 54 youths among whom I belong. We are having about 30 of us in Tertiary Institutions. He is our PRIDE and he has provided us the best of mentorship. I WANT TO BE LIKE HIM NOT LIKE CORRUPT RICH LEADERS. He may be financially challenged, but he is that for our purpose. I recommend him as a Mentor for every youth I come across.

To truly become Leaders of tomorrow, we have to be serious with our studies. The difference between Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) and Criminals of Tomorrow (COT) is EDUCATION. As I was taught by my Mentor (Mr. Abdulahi Abdulraheem), education refers to not only Formal Education but also Informal Education and as well as Skills Acquisition. I believe in Education lies the keys to greatness.

In conclusion, our existence is made possible through the efforts of a Super Natural Being (God). Whoever each and every one of us knows and calls God; we must fear Him (God-fearing) and be obedient to His rules and instructions. Remember that He shall subject us to questioning on the day of reckoning and DEATH has failed us in allowing us to know the time/date/place we shall depart this world. Let us respect the constituted authorities.


Written By: Nafisat Abdulwahab
Nafisat is a 17-year old ABC Scholar and an High School Leaver. She emerged the 2nd Overall Highest Scorer of the 2015/2016 Aspiring the Best Competition (ABC). Hence, she is an ISERH Ambassador. She wants to study Mass Communication at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. She enjoyed the ISERH’s sponsorship of her WAEC GCE consequent to her performance in Aspiring the Best Competition (ABC) Oct. 2015 Edition.

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