Time To Act And Stop The Blame Game

Thursday 21-Nov-2019, 7:21AM / 3160

We have seen more than enough in the state of Osun, especially in the area of education. We have written countless memos to the Ministry of Education in the state before we realized; they could do nothing.

Many times, we wish to write about the facts we gather each day, concerning the State's Education, but one thing stops us:

'If our writeup commends the present government for some good it has done, the OPPOSITION would tag us 'Ruling Party Agent' while the reverse would surely be the case if we write on where the present government has missed the roads.'

We therefore resolved into community efforts in filling few gaps we have observed in the present government's education policy which gave birth to the: INITIATIVE FOR SOUND EDUCATION, RELATIONSHIP & HEALTH (ISERH).

Our dear Reader, it is time we all stood to save the future of our community by helping the present government filling the vacuum they have unconsciously created.

Whether we like it or not, this government would leave the governance one day, but its both negative and positive impacts would surely live for more than a century with us.

Have you asked why we have so many 'Educational Consults' in this state, more than else where?

Do we even think of the Havocs these 'Educational Consults' have brought (and still bring to our community) as they take the futures (youths) of this state to far away states to write an assisted (parise/malpractice) SSCE/UTME?

In our office, among the cases we have at hand is that of a young girl who brought pregnancy from the place she went to write her SSCE via one of these 'Educational Consults'. The worst part of it is that SHE COULDN'T IDENTIFY her "foetus' father". Do you think her parent would ever wish to send any of their female children to school again? What does that tell on the future of our community?

Most of us see lots of idle young men of highschool age roaming our streets, to us - they are unserious, but have we taken our times to ask them why they are not in school?

It is high time we all worked together to secure a great future for our state and community by initiating 'future-sustaining and redeeming programs' and also collaborate with the efforts of ISERH to bringing liberation to your and our communities, and the state at large.

You may browse through our site to see various programs and projects which we have designed to bring about the glorious future for our state and guarantee a secure future for our yet-to-be-born children. (www.iserh.org)

We all have to rescue our communities. Let us stop this Blame Game and face REALITY. It is robbing us too much of the time we ought to have used in saving the future of our communities.

Kindly think of a program today, to rescue these innocent youths, so that your own children that you heavily invest on could have a peaceful state/ community to live when they come back from their sojourn.

Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health (ISERH)
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