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I woke up to the beautiful news of my namesake's emergence as the Overall Best Young Nigerian Scientist. The handsome Abdullahi Akintade is a student from Osogbo High School (Nee Osogbo Grammar School).

It is important to note that Abdullahi Akintade was a student of MOLEK School, Ofatedo until he changed to public school while in JSS 3 when the parents couldn't meet the school fees' obligations. His mum has appreciated the school's management for the amazing solid foundation laid for her son.

But since the news broke out, I've come across several posts commending Aregbe's education policies as a result of the young boy's success. Some are even calling on the present Government to reverse its decision that reversed previous administration's education policies. 

It is disappointing that majority of such posts failed to identify and commend the excellence and ingenuity of the young chap, but using him as a single parameter to score, high, the education policies of the past administration that affects and still hunting thousands of students of Osun that pass/passed through it.

How these people could use a case to justify policies that affect/affected thousands of lives is still a mirage to me. Do we need schooling to understand that: 'No one attains such level of success, as this boy, by depending on what is being taught in schools'?

I also came across a piece of news about UNICEF lauding the present government of Osun for reversing last administration's education policies. I quickly came to conclusion that UNICEF isn't seem to be credible any longer. The same UNICEF lauded the past administration when it was effecting these reversed policies. UNICEF even gave an award to Aregbe's led administration for initiating and launching Opon Imo.

Who are the ones in charge of UNICEF these days? Seems the body is now political in its releases, statements and awards. This, we discussed during the 2019 IMF/World Bank General Meeting held in Washington DC. Some of the Directors present at the meeting (a special session) expressed their disappointment on how International Organizations could be jumping on passing credibility on policies that are yet to stand the test of time. The same UNICEF did similar thing in Uganda and Gambia.

In as much as Aregbesola has tried his best by test running his 'strange' education policies in Osun, and the manifest results that we can see in Osun's streets, Oyetola mustn't be gagged to reverse what majority know not to work. Continuity works in favour of successful policies but not those identified failed.

Congratulations to you dear namesake (Abdullahi). Your sleepless nights of burning candles brought you this far. Kindly never relax. Always remember that it takes personal relentless and consistent efforts to attain success in life, but not by following or depending on handouts/guides of a coach/teacher.

Congratulations to my people of Osun.

©️ Abayomi Abdulraheem
ISERH Chief Servant

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