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The 23 Atlas Corps Fellows of class 23 from 16 countries

It is a Class 23 of Atlas Corps Fellowship under Emerging Global Leaders Initiative where 23 Global Superheroes were selected from 16 countries across global continents, flown them down to Washington DC and got them inducted as Atlas Corps Fellows on Monday, Jan. 16 2017.

Atlas Service Corps, Inc. (Atlas Corps) is a U. S. nonprofit organization that for ten years has brought the world's best nonprofit leaders to the U. S. on 6 - 18 month J-1 trainee fellowships.

These Class 23 consisting of 23 Fellows are a part of 100 emerging civil society leaders the U. S. Department of State and Atlas Corps jointly signed to bring for long-term professional development, on September 23, 2014 at the Clinton Global Initiative where President Obama announced the partnership called 'Emerging Global Leaders Initiative (EGLI) - Atlas Corps Fellowship.

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Given the number of initiatives, programs and social change events founded and coordinated by our ever vibrant dynamic young Executive Director, Abdulahi Abayomi Abdulraheem (31 years), one would never be surprised that he made the list of the 23.

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Abdulahi Abayomi Abdulraheem

ISERH Exc. Director

It is worthy of note that Abdulahi founded and serves as the Executive Director of less-than-3-years'-old Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health (ISERH), and that through this organization: lots of lives being touched, lots of leaders being raised, and many youths being taken back to schools. He waxed stronger to enlist this organization among the 15 most-engaged nonprofit organizations by the Nigerian Government on national issues. Through his efforts at ISERH, Npower Program Application deadline was extended by a month and he made sure that his organization provides an online help for all Npower Volunteers during and after Npower Assessment through facebook page named Npower Assessment Help Line ( His organization stepped in to help several Npower Volunteers in different states during verification and it still provides relevant information as regards that.

It is interesting to note that Abdulahi is an alumnus of the Africa-America Institute (New York) after he benefitted from their scholarship program to study Social Sector Management (SSM) at Enterprise Development Center (EDC), Pan-Atlantic University. He is an award winner of the Life Changers' Most Replicable Project Award (2015). He is a fellow and alumnus of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) of the President Obama, West Africa Regional Leadership Center. He tops the list of 100 Brightest Young Minds of Barclays Group in July 2016.

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Abdulahi Abayomi Abdulraheem with Scott Beale – Founder/CEO, Atlas Corps

It isn't surprising that Abdulahi is posted to serve as Program Impact and Evaluation Fellow with the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer, Generation On/Points of Light, New York City - that engages 4 million volunteers annually and has affiliation in 250 cities. His position's responsibilities include but not limited to:

1. Design, manage and assess evaluation tools that support the growth of a portfolio of programs that apply the power of volunteer action to make a measurable impact for youth.

2. Develop and manage impact reports that clearly demonstrate the impact of change and/or growth of students directly related to academic resources and/or programs provided by adults.

3. Develop and manage impact reports that clearly demonstrate the impact of change and/or growth of youth as results of service, service learning and service leadership training and opportunities.

4. Develop and manage impact reports that clearly demonstrate the impact on communities and/or community members as result of their participation in generationOn campaigns, service clubs, days of service and/or youth led service program/projects.

5. Develop a process for using evaluation tools and/or impact reports to grow interest in generationOn, marketing tools and/or funding support for existing programs or program expansion.

6. Provide direct training and professional development support to generationOn staff on best practices for implementing evaluation tools and impact data.

7. As needed, work with generationOn staff to coordinate trainings and/or webinars to support clubs, host site supervisors, goLead facilitators and/or VISTA members on best practices for implementing evaluation tools and impact data.

8. Demonstrate consistent quality of impact data and evaluation systems; recommend timelines and resources needed to achieve the program goals.

9. Develop strategies for replication and expansion of program efforts across each of the organization’s distribution channels.

10. Develop marketable impact and data reports that clearly identify the areas of success or need for change to the portfolio of programs for the purpose of meeting the established annual goals of the division and the organization.

11. In partnership with the Evaluation Department, drive the development of turnkey resources that allow for replication of best practice models and allow for common impact metrics, ease of data collection and quantifiable outcomes.

12. Work with staff to develop systems to ensure consistent, high-quality project management.

We hold the belief that Abdulahi will surely make our nation and organization proud over there as the responsibilities assigned to him over there is significantly relevant to his track records. Log on to: to read more about his past working experience and records.

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Our sponsors, beneficiaries, clients and followers should never be worried of whether the physical absence of our Executive Director shall, in any way, hinder our effective services and successes. We have a 9-youngman/woman management team on ground who have taken the giant strides to positively rewrite the successes and impacts of our darling organization.

Although our boss is physically absent but our core values of integrity, loyalty, accountability, transparency, social change and philantropism remain intact. May your life and ours be blessed.

God bless our Exc. Director,
God bless ISERH, 
God bless Atlas,
God bless America,
God bless Africa, 
And God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria...

Together, we shall make the world a better place.

Aderanti Abimbola Mutiu,
ISERH Program Director.

For: The Management,

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