ISERH Findings On Npower Verified List Of Volunteers In Osun State

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Dear Osun Npower Volunteers,


Having promised to get back to you as regards your yearning to knowing the status of the list of the verified volunteers on whether OSUN Focal Person Hon. Idiat Babalola has submitted it to the appropriate authority or not and also to knowing why you haven't received an alert if she had done the needful at an appropriate time, we came up with this realities after thorough findings:

1)     Ms Toyin Akinpelu, an Assistant to Osun Focal Person who is directly in charge of the Verification Exercise lamented on how only just7,000+ of 10,041 selected Npower Volunteers did the verification in Osun State. Despite the fact that OSUN was among the first states to start the Verification Exercise, this drastically drew the accelerated wagon of the state backward in submitting the list of the verified volunteers.

2)     With just 7,000+ that had been verified, Hon. Idiat Babalola informed us that she had submitted the list of this 7,000+ with an approval to continue with the verification of the remaining 3,000+. Kudos to her on this!

Hence, this informed the reasons for the recent calls on the continuation of verification exercise of those who missed out in the previous exercise in Osun State. 

3)     Osun Focal Person happened to be the first and only Focal Person in Nigeria to open and run an effective WhatsApp Group for the selected Npower Volunteers in Osun. Many states' Npower volunteers (Lagos inclusive) are yet to know their Focal Person let alone of having an access to his/her numbers nor having a group where s/he reads their yawning. 


Our Submissions


From all indications, we have come to the realization of the following facts and realities:

1)   Hon. Idiat Babalola is currently on leave and thereby does away with every official assignment/duty. This informed her being mute in responding to conversations on N-POWER OSUN DESK OFFICE - a creation of her.

She was last seen on WhatsApp on Wednesday 28 Dec., 2016 at 9:39pm. This uncovers the facts that she never has access to all your comments since this while let alone of accusing her of deliberately neglecting your yawning. You can as well check her WhatsApp number to substantiate this finding of ours. 


2)     A sign of a compassionate leader is he who is ever ready to carry everyone along. That is a simple reality of who Hon. Idiat Babalola and Toyin Akinpelu are. This shows how helpful they could be to anyone of you at the times of need.


3)   If Hon. Idiat Babalola and Ms Toyin Akinpelu had gone ahead to shut the door of Verification on those who missed the two days initially announced and approved for the exercise, Osun would and will continue losing over N90,000,000  (3,000 × 30,000 monthly stipend) monthly which will amount to a loss of over N2,160,000,000 (N90,000,000 × 24 months) for the 2-year life span of the program.


If the entire 10,041 selected Npower Volunteers in Osun are verified and screened-fit for the exercise, N301,230,000 (10,041 × N30,000 monthly stipend) will enter Osun economy every month while a total of N7,229,520,000 (10,041 × N30,000 monthly stipend × 24 months) will have been injected into Osun economy within the 2 years the program is designed to last. 

Every reasonable leader would never trade the future of a State that is currently in economic quagmire to satisfying a few at the expense of what will benefit an entire state's populace.

4)    Finally, from a report received from Npower, not all States that submitted their verified list received their stipend as at Friday 30th December, 2016. The payment continues on Tuesday 3rd Jan., 2017 till the last person is paid. 


Whoever pays a close attention to this program would identify its similarity to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). Such a person would agree with us that all â€˜corpers’ don't receive their first â€˜Alawi’ at the same day and time. It gets adjusted as the time goes on. Even with TSA, they still don't receive their 'Alawi' on the same day and time. This is how Npower may likely look like. 


Kindly let us all learn from this and avoid making it a monthly yearning. We are very sure that subsequent payment would be far better than this and kindly note that no state can divert your stipend. Your stipend is paid directly from Npower at the Federal level to your bank account


If there comes a delay in stipend payment after this month, kindly note that it can only come from Npower not your State or State Focal Person.


We appreciate your patience from the times we stepped in to the present. Kindly remain law-abiding.


At ISERH, we are ever ready to offer you assistance and supports on Npower during working days and hours

God Bless You.


Happy Holiday!!!



Abdulahi Abayomi Abdulraheem

Executive Director

Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health

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