ABC Scholars Set To Touch The Lives Of 10,000 High Schools' Students In Osun State

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ABC Scholars Set To Touch The Lives of 10,000 High Schools' Students in Osun State

Saturday 30th of April, 2016 that was supposed to be the ABC Scholars’ Monthly Mentoring Forum was turned to an Initiative Development Forum when the 7 ABC Scholars and a Mentee present exhibited the leadership traits they have acquired over the time through the mentorship program of ISERH, through the introduction of a program they all wish to use in touching the lives of at least 10,000 High Schools’ Students in Osun State.

These young beneficiaries of ISERH’s Scholarship expressed how they wished their peers could as well enjoy the kind of mentorship ISERH gives to them which has shaped their lives for better. This facilitated their requesting ISERH’s support to implement this initiative of reaching out to at least 10,000 Osun High School Students through their initiated program called ENRICHING THE UNREACHED.

They all wish to share their personal stories/experiences with their peers across High Schools in Osun State on how they had studied very hard to pass Aspiring the Best Competition (ABC), an ISERH Project, which won them scholarship to write SSCE/UTME for free, and how they have managed to succeed in gaining admission into Higher Institutions to study their dreamed course through the mentorship and counseling they are exposed to by ISERH.

They as well wish the organization to set up a Mentees’ Club per school where the members shall be thoroughly exposed to Career Guidance, Mentorship and Counseling, Leadership Training etc. They also request that ISERH should help in getting each school’s club a Mentor so as to enlighten the State High Schools’ Students with the mission of eliminating their over-reliance on Examination Malpractices’ Centers and thereby prepare them for the future

In his response, the Founder and Executive Director of ISERH, Mr. Abdulahi Abayomi Abdulraheem, expressed his enthusiasm about the ABC Scholars’ initiative. He thanked Almighty God for using him to have mentored and changed the orientation of the Scholars into believing in helping others to attaining the same level of success they have attained. He then referred to them (ABC Scholars) as ‘Today’s Leaders’. He assured them that he shall, with immediate effect, start the implementation of the initiative the moment the Board of Trustees of the organization approves it. He commended them and appreciated their kind gesture. He as well hope that the remaining 47 ABC Scholars shall subscribe to this initiate and support in achieving its goals

He therefore used the medium to appeal to anyone who wishes to support this initiative, either financially or through serving as a Mentor and/or sharing of their own story with the State’s Students, to kindly get in touch with the organization through its contacts.

As we congratulate the Osun High Schools’ Students who are the direct beneficiaries of this initiative ‘ENRICHING THE UNREACHED’, we as well give KUDOS to the initiators ‘ABC Scholars’ and the organization ‘Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health (ISERH)’ that has trainned these youths to becoming Ethical Leaders who think not of themselves alone…

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