Undergraduate Studies

Consequent upon reports of suicide prevalence among undergraduates and many requests from different quarters for African undergraduates and fresh graduates to have access to some programs of the Initiative for Sound Education Relationship & Health (ISERH), the organization come up with ISERH Undergraduate Studies that is targeted at building, per class, 250 undergraduates'/fresh graduates' leadership, social & corporate, relationship, and entrepreneurial skills.

This FREE only weekly class has a module already developed for the 5 months course duration with highly profiled facilitators to teach each of the module's topics.
At the end of 5 months, every participating undergraduate and fresh graduate who meets 75% attendance rate, 50% facebook participating rate, and carries out Capstone Project shall get ISERH Associate Ambassador's title conferred on him/her while his/her certificate get mailed to him/her electronically or via courier.

This class holds Saturdays between 7:00pm and 10:00pm (Nigerian Time, GMT+1) on WHATSAPP while questions could be asked throughout the days of the week.

Capstone Project is a mandatory activity each or a group of graduating scholars of ISERH Undergraduate Studies embark on in order to qualify for graduation. Each or as a group are expected to take their colleagues or high school students on any of the topics they were taught during their studentship of this course. They are to send their detail report of activities, including pictures taken during the activities, to the ISERH Director of Studies on/before the deadline assigned them. The completion of this project with meeting the other requirements clears one to graduate from this course and earns him/her Associate Ambassador’s title.

You can register for our next class via: http://ambassadors.iserh.org/ius.php