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 A cross-section of students and staff being educated by ISERH Health Projects Director - Mrs Adeola Haastrup (BNSc, PPHN)


As part of our annual programs in eradicating all forms of killer diseases through sensitization programs across the country, the imparter team of ISERH took their campaign to students of the Federal Science & Technical College (FSTC), Osun State on Saturday 4th ofFebruary2017, where over eight hundred (800) students including staff members were acquainted with awareness on the need to live a healthy life towards avoiding cancer and be a motivator to those who have been infected. The slogan adopted by ISERH for this year’s Cancer Awareness Program is:

BE INFORMED! - raising awareness on a killer disease called 'cancer'.

BE VIGILANT!! - being watchful of symptoms of cancer for earlier detection.

BE MOTIVATED!!! â€“ encouraging those who have been infected of hope to survive.


Cancer is a non communicable disease that is characterized by out of control cell growth. It is a disease that affects everyone, individual, families and communities. Currently 8.3 million people die from cancer throughout the world every year out of whom 4 million die prematurely.


The theme for this year’s world cancer day is #WeCanIcan.


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ISERH Health Projects Director who doubled as the program’s facilitator, Mrs Adeola Haastrup (BNSc, PPHN) educated the participants on the causes of cancer, factors that influence it, its symptoms and prevention, universal safety precaution and golden rules for good health. Both the staff of the college and their students could not hide their enthusiasm for being part of the program especially when the questions bothering them were adequately answered which boost their knowledge on the subject matter. At the end of the program, ISERH Team distributed writing materials and tissue papers to the participants.


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It is noteworthy that ISERH is a leading organization in terms of providing and promoting sound education, relationship and health, and that this year's Cancer Awareness Day is a good pointer to this fact.


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(L-R) Mr. Abdulkabir  - ISERH Head of Admin. and Community ServiceMr. Alawode â€“ ISERH Strategist; Mrs. Haastrup â€“ ISERH Health Program Director; Mr. Akinwole â€“ ISERH ABC Project Coordinator;Miss Adigun - ISERH Account Officer; Mr. Aderanti â€“ ISERH Program Director; and Prince Adeniran â€“ ISERH Agric Program Coordinator


On behalf of our Executive Director, Mr. Abdulahi Abayomi Abdulraheem, and the BOT of ISERH, we sincerely appreciate the school authority, management, staff, students and every supporter/sponsor of the program, most especially our ever vibrant Team Members for their supports, courage and resilience.


We envision a World without Health Hazard…


Aderanti Abimbola Mutiu

ISERH Program Director


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