Steps By Steps On What To Do After Been Selected For Npower

Thursday 21-Nov-2019, 6:18AM / 2639

Steps By Steps On What To Do After Been Selected For Npower

Congratulations for making the list of N-Power First Phase of 200,000 Youth selected for N-Power: Teach, Community, Health and Agro. Below are the next lines of actions for you to take:

1) Log on to 
2) Click the group you belong: Teach, Health or Agro. 
Remember, Teach and Community are now collapsed together.
3) Enter your Username: the email address you registered with
Password: your surname in small letters
4) Connect your account with either Facebook or Twitter. 
Just click on either of the two or both. Log in to the facebook/twitter. Click ok/yes and it shall make an automatic post on your facebook/twitter account.
5) Click sign in afterwards. It shall log you in.
6) Click Account Setting to take you to your Profile and click edit info to rewrite your names properly. Enter your Middle Name and click Update Account
7) Scroll down to Bank Information, click Edit Info. Click Bank and select the bank you operate an Account with.
8) Click the space for Account Number and enter your Account Number
9) Click on Update Account
10) Click Home to go back to home page.
11) Click an image in which Prepare is written for teach/community
12) For N-Power Teach/Community, You can now start watching the following:

Module 1 - The Teaching Profession
Module 2 - Instructional Materials and School Records
Module 3 - Classroom Teaching and Management
Module 4 - General and Subjects Teaching Materials
Module 5 - Improvisation and Production of Instructional Materials
Module 6 - School-based Assessment

Learning has commenced

Your place of primary assignment and device selection process shall be viewed and known through this portal

Congratulations once again!!!!

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