SPAMOCA: Enriching The Unreached

Thursday 21-Nov-2019, 6:20AM / 1929

SPAMOCA: Enriching The Unreached

The ‘Enriching the Unreached’ program of the Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health (ISERH) was primarily designed for the Students of Government Schools until we kept receiving persistent requests and invitations from St. Paul’s Anglican Model College (SPAMOCA), Ayelabowo Area, Ile-Ife, Osun State via one of their teachers Mr. Sherif Akolade Oyeniran.

Having accepted to honour their invitations while a date was issued, the unexpected happened as we got 2 National Invitations to honour which made us shift the assigned time for two consecutive times. Immediately our Executive Director arrived from Abuja, he contacted the school directly and informed them that we would be in their school on Wednesday 9th of November, 2016 which we did.

It was an emotion married motivation as the students were eagerly awaiting our presence. We took the students through lots of Academic and Life Skills. The teachers were also in attendance as they were busy picking few things that could benefit them in their profession. Both the Junior and Senior Students of the school were deeply engrossed in the message being passed to them by our Executive Director, Mr. Abdulahi Abayomi Abdulraheem.

Four students voluntarily came out to participate in the ‘Show-Me-Your-Friend Academic Excellence Interactive’ Segment. They were all Junior School Students. Among them was Emmanuel Oluwapelumi Arikuyeri who was given a PRIZE by our Executive Director for being the Overall Best Student for the Last Academic Session. Emmanuel couldn’t control his tears as the hall became haven of emotion. Our Executive Director could not fight back his own tears as well. Asking him why he cried with the boy, Mr. Abdulraheem had no specific reason.

About 5 Students who asked questions were from Senior Classes and their questions were centered on Career and Courses to study in Higher Institutions. They got the best responses they could ever have from our Executive Director. Our Administrative Officer – Mr. Abdulkabir Sanni was busy taking photograph as he changed his career to photography at the event.

As the school’s Management and Staff were full of appreciation and gratitude, so are we to them for given their children an opportunity to benefit from a program primarily designed for Government Schools’ Students.

We have finally resolved and highly committed at the moment to: Enrich both the Reached and Unreached. So help us God…
Osun A Dara Oooooooooooo

ISERH sincerely appreciates:
1.       The Principal and Staff of SPAMOCA
2.       Mr. Sherif Akolade Oyeniran (a teacher at SPAMOCA and now an ISERH VOLUNTEER)
3.       Students of St. Paul’s Anglican Model College (SPAMOCA), Ile-Ife
4.       Mr. Abdulkabir Sanni,  ISERH Administrative Officer

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