ISERH ED's Independence Day Message To Nigerians

Thursday 21-Nov-2019, 6:20AM / 2044

ISERH ED's Independence Day Message To Nigerians

As our dear country clocks 56 today, it is a fact that millions of Nigerians never subscribe to the belief that it is worth celebrated; at this time that hardship works naked in our streets. In reality, one could be restricted to think that way, especially while faced with uncertainty of what to eat this morning of Oct. 1st, 2016.


Today is Saturday and where I live in Osun State, scores of Burial Ceremonies shall surely take place as usual – despite Economic Recession. Millions of Naira shall be squandered over these burials, since it has become a norm/competition among the families of the land that whoever his/her children lavishly spend on his/her burial is truly the one who has great progenies.

In this same locality I reside, thousands of households cannot send their children to school while they heavily rely on the state government to pay the SSCE of their children; out-of-school youths abound in multitude; teenage pregnancy and teen motherhood becomes competition and even a measure of maturity among our adolescent girls; idle married women become petty sex hawkers; while the schools that trained and produced these LAVISH SPENDERS have become HISTORY… My Alma Mater (Secondary School) that used to be the PRIDE of the people now becomes ‘A Dumping Ground of Dullards’ consequent to a wide differences between the then Old Students and the present. Riches become an instrument of oppression rather than alleviation of sufferings of our people.

Before the advent of ‘Change Begins With Me’ I launched a campaign in 2014 and sought collaborations of those I could reach, to join in helping the land and the state – only few conscious minds bought the initiative. ‘Thank You’ to those who bought our ideas and supported us wholeheartedly. To those who never did, I pray to God to touch your mind. Let us all think on how to help our nation. I am not rich but I, with the support of few, have done what the rich of this land/state find the difficult to do. Helping our fellows surely translates to helping our nation.

We started from 54 Students that we paid their SSCE/UTME; to 30 who have been supported psychosocially and intellectually in various Higher Institutions; to 350 High School Students that have been given various Reading/Writing Materials; to 12 Teachers that have been honoured with ISERH Excellent Teachers Award (ETA); to over 7,600 Youth that have been successfully mentored and guided; to over 8,000 High School Students that have been inspired and re-orientated; to about 350 Unemployed Youths that were freely registered for N-Power Programmes of the Federal Government of Nigeria; and now to over 600 N-Power Applicants (still counting) facing challenges in writing N-Power Assessment Test that we have served as an intermediary between them and the N-Power Body in resolving the challenges facing them – those are the little things I (through Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health) and our sponsors/partners have been able to do in Helping our Nations through Helping Humanity.

What Help can you remember that you have rendered to someone with the motive of helping Humanity and our dear Nation???

Dear Indigenes of the Land/State I live, remember that your Ancestors worked tirelessly to add this Land/State to the list of Respected Nations in the world. Do you think they can ever be happy with you as regards your attitudes towards what they left you as LEGACIES? If you cannot add to these LEGACIES, must you allow them to get destroyed?

It is never late to make a U’Turn. Let us fashion out ways to help those around us and even our Land – with that, our nation shall rise again. Remember, that ‘the dead shall never appreciate your lavish spending on their burials while the living shall surely continue cursing you for oppressing them…

Happy Independence Day to all Patriotic Nationalists


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