Npower: What You Need To Know About The On-going Npower Assessment

Friday 22-Nov-2019, 6:11AM / 1133

Npower: What You Need To Know About The On-going Npower Assessment

Having offered to assist those who have received a TEXT MESSAGE from N-POWER as regards their Assessment Date and Time but face difficulties in accessing the portal, we have discovered that a lot of people who are yet to receive a NOTIFICATION on when their ASSESSMENT would come up, have bombarded us with text messages containing their data and complaints of the Portal’s Inaccessibility. We have now decided to provide ANSWERS to some of the QUESTIONS/CHALLENGES confronting the N-Power Candidates in accessing N-POWER’s ASSESSMENT PORTAL, read to understand how it works.

Qstn:       When would my N-Power Assessment Test be?
Answer: The DATE and TIME (usually 12:00am – 11:59pm) shall be communicated to you through a TEXT MESSAGE (to your registered phone number with N-Power) a day before your allotted Assessment Time/Date.

Qstn:       According to the time table, my surname falls into the category of those who were supposed to do their Assessment yesterday but I didn’t receive any TEXT MESSAGE from N-POWER, please, WHAT CAN I DO?
Answer: You are right, it happens. Kindly don’t get panic. The time-table is just a guide and N-Power is not strictly following it. There are some people whose surname also fall in the category of those who are supposed to write their Assessment on the 28th September but got Assessment Time-Allotted TEXT and have DONE their Assessment on the 21st September.
In summary, just be patiently waiting till you receive a TEXT MESSAGE from them, informing you on when your ASSESSMENT’s Date is.

Qstn:   I have been trying to log on to the Portal for the Assessment Test but it keeps telling me ‘Invalid login, please try again’, what am I to do?
Answer: You are disallowed to log in for either of these two reasons:
i    If you have not received a TEXT MESSAGE informing you of the Date your ASSESSMENT falls, if you try to LOG IN, you may face this challenge because the portal has not been activated for you to access.
ii   If you have received a TEXT MESSAGE informing you of your allotted date to write the ASSESSMENT but still face with this kind of challenge, it might mean that you had mistakenly used another name of yours as your SURNAME. In that case, try to use each of your names as PASSWORD and you would eventually successfully log in.

Qstn:   Please, I can’t remember the track of the Program I applied for and consequently, I don’t know when I would be writing my own Assessment?
Answer: Although, it is highly irresponsible in your part not to remember the Track of the Program     you applied for, but not withstanding, just be waiting to receiving a TEXT MESSAGE from    N-POWER as to when you would be writing your ASSESSMENT TEST.

Qstn:   Please, my LOCATION is not ABUJA but I discovered that they registered my LOCATION as ABUJA, what can I do?
Answer: It has been programmed like that, all what you have to do is to CLICK on EDIT PROFILE and go to LOCATION and change it to your own LOCATION or TOWN of RESIDENCE.

If you need more clarifications on the above questions or have other questions aside the above, kindly feel free to call our Hotline 08145643445 or simply CHAT with us through WHATSAPP with the same number: 08145643445.

If you have received a TEXT MESSAGE from N-POWER, informing you of your allotted Date for the ASSESSMENT but unable to LOG IN due to NETWORK PROBLEM or ANY OTHER PROBLEM, you may send us the following details of yours for a possible assistance:

i       Your Full names with your SURNAME written in Capital Letters (e.g. AKOREDE Janet    Chinyere).
ii      Your Phone Number (the one used to register for N-Power)
iii     Your Qualification with Grade (e.g. HND, Upper Credit)
iv     Your Gender (Female/Male)
v      Indicate whether you have any form of DISABILITY or NOT
vi     Indicate which of the following devices you have: Smart Phone, Tablet, and Laptop (e.g. Smart Phone Only)
vii    Indicate your LOCATION (e.g Ikirun, Osun State)

Kindly follow the above order in sending the above details.
Send the above details to 08145643445 as Text Message or on WhatsApp or to our Email: Kindly call us after 2 hours of sending the message to know whether we have assisted you in resolving the challenges.

NOTE: Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health (ISERH) does this to assist our timid Unemployed Youth FREE OF CHARGE as part of our CONTRIBUTION towards educating NIGERIAN UNEMPLOYED YOUTHS in getting EMPLOYED. We are not in any way authorized to do this by N-POWER.

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