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Both over 500 students and 15 teachers who were on the assembly ground of Services Secondary School, a government military school located at Juba Barracks, Freetown - Sierra Leone, on the 29th of October 2019, immensely benefitted from the wealth of knowledge displayed by Scholar Yusuf Sesay, a Graduate of Social Works from Fourah Bay College University Of Sierra Leone, while leading a session on ‘Your Future With Drug Intake’, in fulfilment of the requirements to graduate from ISERH Undergraduate Studies Class 3. 

His presentation covered those exposed to drugs, those aspiring for drugs, those abusing/addicted to drugs, and those affected by drugs. He spoke about the classification of drugs: Inhalants, Narcotics, Stimulants, Hallucinogens, Depressants, Canabinoids, Other compounds etc, as well as the supports to be given to the affected individuals. He gave his audience the opportunity to ask questions surrounding drugs and substance use, while he was highly appreciated by the school’s management for the exercise.

Having successfully implemented this project, he has hereby fulfilled a part of the requirements expected of him to graduate and get inducted as an ISERH Associate Ambassador, and if all things being equal, he shall have unrestricted access to the resources available on the Ambassadors Portal - starting from Saturday 30th of November, 2019, immediately after their convocation and induction ceremony on the class platform.

ISERH Undergraduate Studies is a FREE online course where African undergraduates and fresh graduates are trained (via whatsapp class) by professionals, for a period of 5 months (minimum) on leadership, socio-economic, relationship and entrepreneurial skills. The students of the course are referred to as SCHOLARS, and upon the fulfilment of 75% attendance rate, 50% facebook engagement rate, filling of online graduation form, and implementation and reporting of capstone project, they get convocated and inducted as ISERH Associate Ambassadors. This gives them unrestricted access to ISERH Ambassadors Portal ( where they can freely have one-on-one chats with a group or individual Ambassadors and their facilitators, have access to internship, fellowship, jobs adverts; audio/video lectures; books; and lots more.

From all of us at the Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health (ISERH), we say 'Congratulations to you' and as well give credit to Dr. Femi Agberotimi who facilitated the training of our scholars on ‘Your Future With Drug Intake’.

Luqman Alawode,
Director of Undergraduate Studies


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Name: Yusuf Sesay
Tuesday 05-Nov-2019, 8:48AM
Comment: ISERH undergraduate program has demonstrated unmatched service provision to young people all over Africa. The contemporary knowledge provided by ISERH is a pointer in a new direction for young people who anticipate to promote change in their society. With this education, the world is guaranteed of young people who can take control of the present and future challenges of the world. We thank the founder of this initiative and all the facilitators for their scholastic display. Your efforts cannot be repayed by mere obeisance. We are highly indebted to this management and call on every human heart around the world to support ISERH is diverse ways they could. If the world needs an institution that can liberate the minds of young people, ISERH is in the lead. As a testimony, what I learned from ISERH in five months is unmatched to what I learned from University for four good years. The five months' enlightenment that I gained from ISERH has widened my orientation and mindset to critically assess the everyday challenges with encounter as young graduates, ranging from unemployment, underemployment, drub abuse, poor entrepreneur skills, Uncreative minds etc. With ISERH, I have been able to start up an organization aimed at creating job opportunities for students through the concept of combining business with schooling. I have also started an Online learning initiative, providing complimentary classes to students and school pupils to address the mass failure students encounter. All this is through the sound education of ISERH. Most importantly the multi cultural platform created by ISERH across geographical boundaries, one that is religious tolerance and embracing is one to write home about. From the deepest part of my heart, I say thanks and appreciation to the founder and entire management of ISERH. Am forever humbled and grateful for this opportunity. YUSUF SESAY Fourah Bay College university of Sierra Leone.