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Education has been facing a lot of sets back in Nigeria while the interest of Youths for education dies daily as a result of little or no Education Enhancement Programs/Projects while MUSIC, SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT have occupied the Education-deserved space in the heart of both the government and the governed.

Unemployment of timid Nigerian graduates also threatens the seal of Nigerian Youths towards undaunted dedication to education. SSCE Failure Statistics increase yearly while Out-of-school Youths who have failed SSCE Examination but could not either afford to obtain another year SSCE Examination Form(s) (WAEC, NECO etc) or enroll for Vocational/Skills Acquisition Training, troop into the street, constituting nuisance in the community and endangering community peace and harmony.

Consequently, ISERH has designed various INTERVENTIONS to rekindle Youth’s educational interests (both in- and out-of-school youths). Below are a few INTERVENTIONS provided by ISERH:

SCHOOL/EDUCATION MOTIVATIONAL TALKS: ISERH has designed this program to counsel and guide the in-school youths on discovering their talents and urging them in seeing Education as a priority to in their lives. This program has touched so many lives as we received several feedbacks from parents and school authorities of the school visited. ISERH sends a REQUEST LETTER to school while it arranges the Program with any school that acknowledges and shows readiness in hosting the Program. ISERH bears the financial implications of such Program. ISERH can as well be invited by School Authority by simply fill our on-line INSTITUTIONAL/ORGANISATION INVITATION or simply writes us a LETTER.

CAMPAIGN AGAINST ILLITERACY: This is another program designed to orientate, update and rekindle the interest of Parents, Teachers and Stakeholders in Education on the Literacy Statistics released globally and the measures to take in reducing the Illiteracy Level in the country. In this platform, Teachers are as well urged to be more dedicated to giving the best to their students while the School Management are as well urged to give all incentives that could enhance the zeal of teachers to teaching. School Managements are as well counseled and empowered in the area of proper School Management. On-line Invitation could be submitted by any intending school or/and a Letter of Invitation forwarded to our office.

ASPIRING THE BEST COMPETITION (ABC): This is an Educational Enhancing Project designed to shift Youths’ Attention and Interest from Educational-killing Programs on our National and International Media to most rewarding and all-encompassing competition. This competition takes Out-of-school Youths off the streets and back to classroom while it gives In-school Youths exposure to External Examination (SSCE) prior to their sitting for the National and International Examinations, and thereby reduce the rate of failures amongst students. Read more on ABC.

Career Talks, Counseling, Mentoring and Guidance

Future for the Future (FF): This is a motivational forum designed for both Youth Corp Members and Young Artisans on how best to be financially independent. It equips them with the necessary skills, information and expertise in being successful and outstanding in their chosen career. This Forum is opened to a group of Artisans as well as individuals e.g. Young Tailors Association, NURTW, Barbers Association, Okada Riders Association etc strictly by either on-line and/or off-line Invitation from them or us.

Tutor/Teacher’s Excellent Award: This is an award designed to be given to all Teachers or Tutors who could teach/tutor a student to winning Aspiring the Best Competition (ABC). The Primary Purpose of this award is to get Teachers/Tutors motivated in dedicating their times and giving their best to their students, if not for the child sake but his/her (teacher) own sake of winning a Reputable Award which exposes him/her to the Nation and the World at large. This corrects the Nigerian Notion of “Teachers reward is in the Heaven”.


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