General Information On Blood Pressure And Hypertension

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Blood Pressure (B.P): is the force exerted by the blood against the arterial wall. It is maintained by the force of the heart’s contraction. Blood Pressure (B.P) is measured by an instrument called Sphygmomanometer. It usually measures the Systolic B.P, the Diastolic B.P and the Pulse/min. Systole: is the rate at which the ventricles of the heart contracts and pumps out blood to the body. Diastole: is the rate at which the auricles contracts so as to return blood back to the heart.


The incidence of hypertension increases with age, lack of exercise, excess body fat and high level of cholesterol, which attaches to blood vessels internally thus reducing elasticity of blood vessels. Hypertension increases arterial sclerosis which can lead to very serious condition such as stroke and myocardial infarction. It is very important to know that whether the blood pressure is within a healthy range as Blood Pressure fluctuates from minutes to minutes throughout the day, so, it is essential to take regular measurements to help you identify an average blood pressure.


1.)    Overweight
2.)    High Cholesterol Level
3.)    Smoking
4.)    Excessive consumption of alcohol
5.)    Stress and Emotional upset
6.)    Excessive consumption of salt
7.)    Hereditary Factors
8.)    Diseases of the Kidneys
9.)    Nervousness
10.)  Diseases of the walls of the blood vessels


1.)    Lose your weight and lower your cholesterol level (by reducing calories and fat in your diets; by cutting down animal fats).
2.)    Reduce the consumption of alcohol.
3.)    Reduce the intake of salt (take at most 6grams of salt daily)
4.)    Stop smoking
5.)    Take regular exercise
6.)    Monitor your blood pressure.


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3.)     World Health Organization Blood Pressure Chart.

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